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Blue Goldfish 2.0 - The New Frontier of Competitive Advantage
Wednesday July 10, 2024
6:00pm - 8:00pm US/Eastern GMT-4:00
Grant Thornton, LLP
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Topic:  Blue Goldfish 2.0 - The New Frontier of Competitive Advantage

In an era where AI transforms the landscape of customer engagement, Blue Goldfish 2.0 emerges as the essential guide for businesses aiming to lead through innovation. This updated second edition shines a spotlight on the power of AI, data, and analytics, featuring over 100 case studies that exemplify how companies are elevating the customer experience.

As customer experience solidifies its position as the ultimate battleground for differentiation, the quest for a competitive edge becomes more challenging. Echoing the wisdom of former GE CEO Jack Welch, the book emphasizes that true advantage lies in learning about customers more rapidly and effectively than competitors and translating these insights into swift, decisive action.

Blue Goldfish 2.0 presents a compelling argument that the fusion of knowledge and agility is no longer just aspirational; with AI, it's entirely achievable. This edition delves deep into how artificial intelligence, coupled with the strategic use of data and analytics, can catapult a business into unparalleled customer connection and market dominance.


The Core Principles: The 3 R's & The 8 Types of Blue Goldfish

At the heart of Blue Goldfish 2.0 are the foundational 3 R's:

  1. Relationship: Crafting personalization at scale.
  2. Responsiveness: Acting with speed and precision.
  3. Readiness: Anticipating customer needs before they arise.

Expanding upon these principles, the book outlines eight innovative ways businesses can harness technology, data, and AI. These eight types of Blue Goldfish showcase diverse strategies for leveraging cutting-edge tools to transform insights into impactful actions.


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Speaker: Stan Phelps  

Stan Phelps is a distinguished speaker, author, and workshop facilitator renowned for his expertise in customer experience and employee engagement. He has authored the popular "Goldfish" series of books, providing innovative strategies on how businesses can stand out through proactive customer service and marketing. A Certified Speaking Professional and Virtual Master Presenter, Stan has delivered over 750 presentations in 23 countries, captivating audiences with his practical advice and inspirational stories. He is also a TEDx Speaker and a Forbes Contributor, recognized for his insights into how organizations can enhance loyalty and advocacy. Stan's dynamic workshops and presentations help companies globally to transform their approach to business and customer relations.

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