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Cybersecurity, Ransomware, and Credit Card Scams
Wednesday August 11, 2021
12:30pm - 2:00pm US/Eastern GMT-4:00
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Ransomware attacks on the Colonial Pipeline, JBS Foods, and other major organizations made headlines in 2021, and show no sign of slowing down. Across the world, hackers are exploiting security weaknesses and holding the data of companies, governments and healthcare organizations hostage, sometimes demanding tens of millions of dollars in payment.

In July, between 800 and 1,500 businesses around the world were affected by a ransomware attack centered on U.S. information technology firm Kaseya.

The average ransom demand is over $100,000, which continues to grow over time. Furthermore, over a third of all companies attacked with a ransomware attack, end up paying that price, resulting, on average, in a 16-day downtime for the attacked firm.

Is your company, IT infrastructure, or online sales processes safe from intrusion?  Are you prepared if your company is affected by one of these attacks?
Can your business survive 16-days or more of downtime without access to any computers?

Our speaker will shed some light on the importance of Cybersecurity as it relates to ransomware and other current Cybersecurity threats that target us all. 

Our original speaker had a conflict come up and cannot make it, but fortunately I know someone who is well versed in ransomware and a Cybersecurity expert with a newly revised book that he will share with participants. 

The business portion of our meeting will start at 12:45 pm, but if you would like to sign-in a little early, we will have an informal chat starting at 12:30 pm.  


Topic: Why You Should Care About Cybersecurity, Ransomware, and Credit Card Scams

Today, Information Technology products and services face insidious threats from ransomware, advanced malware, and vulnerabilities. If left unchecked, they are designed to penetrate government, corporate, small business, and infrastructure systems to gain control over those systems, rob unsuspecting victims, steal identities, damage reputations, hold us hostage, or worse. Globally, Cybercrime damages are set to exceed $10.5 trillion annually by 2025.

This year, Cybercrime will cost companies, organizations & schools billions in ransom paid and lost productivity. Attendees will leave this session with a strong understanding about what is driving the Cybercrime epidemic and the threats we all face from cyber-incursions.

The webinar is presented in 2 consecutive parts. Part 1 covers ransomware and current Cybersecurity threats to provide you with general knowledge. Part 2 visits a recent case study of an actual investigation, conducted by our speaker, into a significant cyber breach perpetrated against Coach's Oats, a small business in Brea, California with healthy online sales.

The case study interests every small business owner that accepts credit card payments through a website, especially if it's built on WordPress with WooCommerce. The technical section of the case study is of particular interest to anyone that manages websites that accept credit cards online. If your clients or colleagues fit this profile, then you’ll want to learn everything you can about this type of breach so you can advise them appropriately.

A Sneak Preview into What You Will Learn from The Webinar

Learn why a Cybersecurity strategy is essential in this age of ransomware and credit card scams no matter how large or small your business. You need a plan.
Discover how Cybercriminals aggressively profiteer off you without regard for your business size. You may not know you’re bleeding cash until it’s too late.
Determine if your personal or business information has already been compromised and available to Cybercriminals on the dark web
Gain actionable ideas that organizations can undertake to harden their cybersecurity environment against today’s threats.

Speaker: Victor Font  

Victor Font is an accomplished IT executive skilled at leading the development, delivery and support of robust cost-effective information services systems and architectures. He offers a unique combination of strategic vision, business acumen, and tactical leadership to consistently deliver to plan and bring value to an organization. Author of 14-books, his best sellers include The Ultimate Guide to the SDLC and Cybersecurity Primer.

Everyone that attends this webinar will receive the case study titled Coach’s Oats vs. Coco Jimenez, et al., as well as a free copy of the speaker’s Cybersecurity Primer (eBook version) compliments of Bachman & Associates. When you receive them after the webinar, you are free to send the links to these downloadable resources to anyone that you feel could use the information.

What Others Say About the Speaker

I attend Victor Font’s webinars as often as I can because he always brings tremendous value. I have a deep technology background, but I’m still able to learn something almost every time I talk to him, and he has a gift for explaining things in a way that even non-technical people can easily understand. If you have any interest in a topic he’s covering, I highly recommend attending his webinars.

Whenever Victor talks, listen to him, because he is always generous with his knowledge.

Webinars these days have just been packaged sales pitches. But Victor has restored my hope that you can still get good value from webinars.



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