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Own Your Authority
Wednesday September 20, 2023
12:00pm - 1:00pm US/Eastern GMT-4:00

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Topic: Own Your Authority

Speaker: Marisa Santoro, CEO and Founder of In Our Shoes, author of “Own Your Authority”

Join us for a power-hour to learn how to authentically build trust as a leader who makes an impact and to advance further in your career!


In the world of leadership development, there’s no shortage of advice on what to do to drive career success—but very little is said about who to be and listening to your intuition. While leadership skills are important, self-trust is the foundation that great leadership is built upon—and developing it is a deeply personal process. In Own Your Authority, career leadership expert Marisa Santoro provides the knowledge, tools, and insights you need to understand and embrace your authentic personality and trust your intuition. 


Together with FENG, she’ll walkthrough the book and guide on how to reclaim your confidence, tap into your instincts and embrace your inner dialogue using proven tactical tools, and strategies based on the Gutsy Leadership® System used by professionals seeking to increase their income and impact. In Own Your Authority, Marisa Santoro explains that leaders who tap into their intuition will find mindful, responsive energy; develop self-trust; and grace under pressure. This type of Gutsy Leadership® can give you a confident conviction that you’ll find the right paths forward for yourself, others, and your organization.

Speaker's bio:

MARISA SANTORO, a former Wall Street IT executive with a 21-year career in Financial Services is the founder of the career leadership platform and Gutsy Leader community, 

In Our Shoes ( She is a corporate leadership trainer, keynote speaker, career coach, diversity and inclusion consultant, and author of Own Your Authority (McGraw Hill).


Her expertise in leadership and professional development, as well as effective business communication, has been brought in to support business leaders across industries at organizations such as Pfizer, Merck, American Express, UBS, Anheuser-Busch, Allianz Global Investors, Sony Music, S&P Global, State Farm, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), New York Council of Nonprofits, Women in Tech International (WITI), Aetna Healthcare, New York University (NYU), NYU Langone Medical Center, New York and New Jersey municipalities and many more.


She is also a TEDx speaker, and honoree of the Woman of Influence award from New York Business Journal and for her years of mentoring and coaching midcareer leaders and emerging entrepreneurs to achieve higher levels of influence.


Her TED talk, “Speaking Without Apology,” guides on how to detach from language that feeds into the “Sorry Syndrome” and make subtle tweaks in your speech to springboard you from diluting your value to spotlighting your assets immediately.

Marisa Santoro

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