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Leverage LinkedIn to Elevate Your Visibility and Effectively Network
Wednesday February 16, 2022
10:00am - 11:00am US/Eastern GMT-5:00

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Topic: Leverage LinkedIn To Elevate Your Visibility And Effectively Network 

Speaker:  Judi Hays, Author and LinkedIn Expert Strategist

PLEASE COMPLETE THIS WORKSHEET. The presentation will be tailored to the information gathered from this specific group.



LinkedIn is much more than a tool to use only when you are looking for a new job! Having a winning strategy on LinkedIn makes all the difference to building visibility, likeability and credibility. GET TO KNOW LINKEDIN!!!

Join us on February 16 at 10AM for a one-hour interactive presentation from LinkedIn expert strategist and published author, Judi Hays. Judi will discuss how you create meaningful business relationships with people whom you have not met in person. She will also demonstrate how you can leverage LinkedIn to help you find the right stakeholders, engage with them and have meaningful conversations. 

Judi will then offer a “LIVE” 5-minute “HOT SEAT” critique of LinkedIn profiles to the first 5 attendees who follow the steps** described below.

If you are new to LinkedIn or an advanced user, you will learn insights you can use right away such as:
- How to Establish your professional brand
- How to Find, connect and engage with the right people
- How to Build meaningful relationships
- How to Engage with insights
- Plus some really cool hacks on the latest features to make the most of your LinkedIn experience

You’ll leave this presentation with a clear understanding of how you can leverage LinkedIn to help you find the right stakeholders, engage with them and have meaningful conversations that lead to business opportunities. Judi will also raffle off an e-copy of her book, Elevate, Expand, Engage - A Refreshingly Different Approach to Winning on LinkedIn to the first 3 people who have completed a specific action with their LinkedIn profile.

**To request a LIVE 5-minute hot seat critique of your profile during the presentation follow these steps:
1. Connect with Judi on LinkedIn
2. Personalize your connection message request and mention you’re attending the FENG WOMEN’S SIG meeting to apply for the profile hot seat critique.
3. If you’re already connected, mention you’rer attending the FENG WOMEN’S SIG meeting and you’d like to apply for the hot seat in your LinkedIn message.
4. Send your request to Judi within LinkedIn for consideration.

Speaker’s bio:

Judi Hays is a sought-after LinkedIn marketing expert who helps busy executives increase online visibility using a proven strategy that turns underperforming LinkedIn profiles into prospect-attracting powerhouses. 

Judi guides her clients to elevate their LinkedIn personal brand, identify and expand their audience and engage in insightful conversations, which ultimately lead to increased opportunities. 

As a Forbes contributor and author of 'Elevate, Expand, Engage,' a Refreshingly Different Approach to Winning on LinkedIn, Judi’s proprietary methods are shared through workshops, trade industry associations, seminars, consulting, and white glove ‘done-for-you’ services for her clients.

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judi HAYS
Judi Hays, Author and LinkedIn Expert Strategist
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