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What’s in your resume???
Tuesday April 20, 2021
6:00pm - 8:00pm

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“Your resume is a professional advertisement, targeted toward your future boss, with the goal of landing an interview for a job you can succeed in.” 
– Mark Cenedella Founder and CEO, The Ladders 

A resume must be readable at first glance. The average recruiter has 50 resumes sitting on the desk, is on the phone, reviewing emails and scanning through each resume for roughly 15 seconds. You need to catch their eye. 

You will get a lot of advice regarding your resume. In the long run, it is YOUR resume, YOUR calling card and YOU have to be comfortable with how it is presented. That said, there are some basic strategies you need to follow to ensure that your resume is not passed over and sent to the circular file.

In this interactive presentation, Lew Bader and Cheri Phillips, Co-Chairs of the FENG’s Peer Resume Review Committee will present strategies that will enhance the possibility of your resume getting noticed. 

Lew Bader and Cheri Phillips jointly chair The FENG Peer Resume Review Committee. The committee is made up of 53 dedicated FENG members who, for the most part review one to three resumes per month. Since taking over responsibility for the committee in December 2020 the members have reviewed more than 500 resumes, usually in less than eight business days. The Resume Review Committee represents one of the true principles on which The FENG has been built - that of giving to each other. This free service has assisted thousands of members through the years.

About Cheri Phillips:

After having her resume reviewed 7 years ago, Cheri Phillips volunteered to join The FENG Peer Resume Review Committee she now co-chairs. She has found herself in job search mode every 3-5 years over the last 20 years and so feels if she knows anything, it’s resumes and job search! She currently has her dream job as Director of Finance & Administration for The Broadway League, the trade association for the Broadway industry, an opportunity she found through networking and a post in The FENG newsletter nearly 5 years ago.

About Lew Bader:

Lew Bader, in addition to co-chairing the Long Island Chapter of The FENG also co-chairs the Peer Resume Review Committee. After spending 40 years in Fortune 500 companies, Lew, suddenly found himself out of work for the first time in his life. Over the course of the next two years he developed his job hunting tool kit and ultimately, through diligent networking, landed at Counseling In Schools, a non-profit based in New York City, as their first Finance Director. Lew prides himself on the fact that he met Matt Bud in 1980 when they worked at CBS together. When Lew joined the FENG in 2014, Matt congratulated him on becoming his last friend to join The FENG.

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