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What should the CFO be doing moving forward - in light of past year events
Wednesday February 17, 2021
5:00pm - 6:30pm
What should the CFO be doing moving forward - in light of past year events
Speaker: David Bizzaro of Bridgepoint Consulting in Denver.

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2020 threw a drop-off-the-table curveball at everyone!

It started with the alarming withdrawal of the UK from the European Union, economic uncertainty, negative oil prices, political anxiety,
and the suffocating impact of the pandemic. It’s been nothing short of a whirlwind. 

We have organized this meeting as a discussion group. We will discuss each topic in depth and then move on to the next one.

The discussion will be around the following premise:
As a result of last year’s circumstances, we’ve seen companies become incredibly reactive.
While this is sometimes necessary, we’d like to discuss the shift of that mentality to a more proactive approach.
Historically we’ve seen companies operating from a long-term, strategic, outlook allowing for stable growth; however, this WAS normal in a world where normal is no more. 
On  Feb 17h, we’re going to take the CFO position and what he or she should be thinking about moving forward.
How should CFOs assess the events of 2020 and make sense of them? What should CFOs be focusing on for 2021?
The crisis has obviously forced companies to re-evaluate how they do business and adapt to this new norm.
We’ve seen some do so more graciously than others, embracing an agile mindset and coming out with their heads above water.
At the meeting, we’ll expand on the key areas where CFOs should focus their attention and how they can lead their teams to become more agile organizations.
The 6 key areas we will cover are:
Managing Your Workforce
Evaluating Supply Chain and Working Capital Management
Real Estate and CAPEX Management
Capital Structure
Competitive Landscape

The meeting will be facilitated by myself and David Bizzaro of Bridgepoint Consulting in Denver.

Remember, this is a discussion group…your thoughts and ideas are important!
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Jeff Peterson

(516) 527-8390
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